Alex Mahaffey
Alex Mahaffey
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Alex Mahaffey, played by Michael Gaston, is a supporting character in the series pilot.


Mahaffey is a gambling addict who has borrowed money from Hesh Rabkin and Tony Soprano to fuel his habit. He works for US/HMO, a medical insurance company. Soprano and Christopher Moltisanti spot Mahaffey outside the offices of US/HMO. He flees, kicking Christopher to get away. Soprano pursues Mahaffey in his car and knocks him down. He breaks his leg but nevertheless continues to beat him up and demand payment.

Soprano later sends Salvatore Bonpensiero and Hesh Rabkin to force Mahaffey into funding fraudulent medical claims, which was based on Tony's earlier experience with a genuine medical claim of an MRI. Tony's proposal is to clear Mahaffey's debt by submitting multiple claims with his company. The two men assure Mahaffey that their bogus claims are clever counterfeits. When Mahaffey is unsure of this, Hesh offers to give him a view of the waterfalls. Just then Bonpensiero, who had finished an ice cream cone, litters the wrapper into the chasm. Realizing that would be his final fate should he not comply, Mahaffey begins planning the process with Rabkin, making defenstration unneccesary.


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