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"But the thing is, though, we've pissed on a bee's nest."
―Angelo referring to the murder of Joey Peeps[src]

Angelo Garepe is a supporting character in The Sopranos. He was Carmine Lupertazzi's longtime consigliere, before getting arrested and being sentenced to 18 years in prison, after which he was released as part of the "Class of 2004". Though retired, he still remained a part of the family, and took Little Carmine's side during the power struggle between him and Johnny Sack. He is portrayed by Joe Santos.



"This guy was my old man, my rabbi and my priest rolled into one, and even though I don't miss a fucking day of it, the parts with this fireplug were the best."
Tony Blundetto[src]

Angelo's mugshot

Angelo became Carmine's consigliere during the 1940s or 1950s, and continued to be his advisor for more than three decades. In 1986, during the crackdowns of the 1980s, he was arrested on charges related to an illicit construction project in Yonkers he was involved with, the sentence for which were 18 years in prison. He served his time at the Federal Correctional Complex in Allenwood, Pennsylvania, where he met Tony Blundetto. The two formed a friendship that would last for many years. In 2004, after his time in jail, he was released along with Tony B and other mobsters of the so-called "Class of 2004".

Season 5[]

Tony: "What I was thinking was a Triumva thing, like Caesar. Three bosses; Little Carmine, Johnny and you."
Angelo: "I'm retired."
Tony: "You were Carmine's consigliere for over 30 years, if it wasn't for that little construction beef down in Yonkers, it'd be you running that family today.
Angelo: "Things happen how they happen."
Tony: "Think about it. Doesn't have to be nine to five, you can still take your grandson to the park. Things get heavy, you're just another voice to weigh in. And John still does better financially than he ever did under Carmine."
Tony and Angelo discussing organizing a power-sharing situation for the Lupertazzi crime family.[src]

Angelo having lunch with Tony, Johnny Sack and Carmine

Angelo is seen on the news when reporters are talking about the newly freed mobsters that were locked up 20 years ago during the Mafia crackdowns of the 1980s. Later he is having lunch at the country club with Carmine, Tony Soprano and Johnny Sack, where he says that after 18 years of being imprisoned, he's just happy to be outside again. Tony talks about his cousin Tony B and Angelo remarks that he was his best buddy in the can. The conversation is interrupted when Carmine begins to suffer a stroke. He collapses and has to be taken to the hospital.[1] After he dies, Angelo expresses his condolences at his funeral, telling his son Little Carmine that he is "heartbroken".[2] However, now that the boss has died, his replacement has to be picked, and since Carmine never named a succesor, a power struggle emerges between his son and Johnny Sack, his underboss. Angelo chooses to back Little Carmine during the conflict.[3]

Angelo considers Tony's "Triumvirate" idea

When Lorraine Calluzzo, a shylock who kicks up to Little Carmine instead of Johnny, gets roughed up by Phil Leotardo on orders from John, a sitdown is arranged with her, Tony, Junior and Angelo. Tony interrupts an emotional story Angelo tells about him and his grandson to offer his proposition to resolve the problem; a power sharing situation where multiple individuals can be boss at the same time, akin to Caesar's Triumvirate, with Johnny, Little Carmine, and Angelo. Though he initially rejects being part of it, Tony asks him to consider it while he tries to negotiate with John. The plan ends up failing, however, as Johnny staunchly rejects the idea and feels intensely insulted by it. On top of it, he arranges the murder of Lorraine after she continues to be uncooperative. Angelo is informed of her death through the phone, and recounts it to Carmine and Rusty Millio, who has become another ally of his during the conflict.[3]

Angelo: "We need something done."
Rusty: "A nice little payday for you, and an opportunity for you to hone that rep you left behind."
Tony B: "And this involves?"
Angelo: "Somebody needs to go."
Tony B: "Anyone I know?"
Angelo: "New York guy, not Jersey."
Tony B: "Who is he with?"
Rusty: "Friend of a friend, not a friend of ours."
Angelo: "A friend of Johnny's."
-Angelo and Rusty asking Tony B to do a hit on Joey Peeps[src]

Later on, Angelo visits Little Carmine at his house along with Jerry Basile. As Carmine tells them all about the new washing machines he's been purchasing, Carmine's son suddenly interrupts them when he screams that their boat is sinking. As they get out of the house, they see the boat has been holed and inevitably sinks. Angelo and Rusty then have dinner with Tony B at a restaurant in New York. Angelo initially tries to lighten up the conversation requesting Tony do his Jackie Gleason impressions, but ultimately they start talking about business. They offer Tony B a way to get out of his feeble financial situation if he does a job for them, meaning he has to murder someone. Tony is relieved when he hears that the target is neither someone he knows nor from New Jersey. Angelo and Rusty want to kill Joey Peeps, an associate and culprit in Lorraine's murder who has decided to back Johnny Sack. He initially rejects to do it, but after feeling humiliated when compared to his richer, more respected cousin Tony, he ultimately agrees. Tony B shoots Joey to death as he is exiting a brothel in Manhattan, and this drives New Jersey into the conflict.[4]

Angelo asks Tony B to murder Joey Peeps

Little Carmine, Rusty and Angelo discuss the recent changes as a result of the power struggle. Angelo is worried about the fact that, in killing Joey Peeps, they've "pissed on a bee's nest" and laments that they could have had a sitdown to solve things. He attends Joey's funeral where Tony and Johnny clash about the murder. Johnny knows Little Carmine and his crew did it, and a witness identified Tony B escaping. However, Tony manages to convince Johnny that his cousin had nothing to do with it.[5] Angelo attends Tony B's casino in New Jersey, where he introduces him to his son Charlie. He also gives him a sum of money for the Joey Peeps job, though only a supplement, as he complains that that's the way Little Carmine and Rusty are doing things. Tony B doesn't complain, instead being happy for his friendship with Angelo. He also gifts Tony with a wooden plaque that reads "Because I'm the boss… that's why!", adding it spoke to him on account of his sense of humor. Tony B says he'll put it in a position of prominence.

Angelo: "Don't! Philly! Jesus, don't! Phil, please. Philly, Philly, you know me. Philly!"
Phil: "You couldn't fucking retire?"
Angelo: "Philly, for God's sake, you know me!"
-Angelo's final words to Phil Leotardo before being shot[src]

Angelo is returning home from shopping at Costco one night. He lets another car pass him by, but it stops in its tracks under a bridge and Angelo suffers a mild accident. As he gets out and starts reprimanding the driver, the Leotardo brothers; Phil and Billy, come out of their car. Phil says they were on their way to his house and Billy saw him drive by. Angelo complains that they should have phoned him, since he's old and doesn't see so good in the dark. Phil says Johnny wants to see him, something which Angelo finds odd since it's late, but Phil insists, as John is apparently in "one of his moods". Angelo starts walking back to his car, when suddenly, Billy starts garroting him from behind and drags him to the trunk of their car, where he and Phil beat him despite his pleas. They then cover him with plastic, as Angelo begs Phil not to do it since they know each other. Phil says he should have retired, before shooting him twice with a silenced pistol.[6]

Angelo is shot to death by Phil Leotardo

When Tony visits his cousin later on, Tony B has already learned of Angelo's death, and he is furious. Tony knows his cousin, and once Silvio informs him about the Angelo situation, he calls him and every other number he knows to make sure he doesn't do anything drastic, but ultimately, his attempts are futile, as, in a fit of rage, Tony B shoots Billy Leotardo dead in the street. After this, he has to go into hiding, and ultimately, Tony kills him to spare him from a much darker fate of being tortured to death by Phil.[7] Angelo's death also causes Little Carmine to back down and let John become the boss, so as to avoid any more bloodshed.[8]


"After 18 years in the can, I'm just happy to be outside."
―Angelo Garepe[src]

As consigliere, Angelo had to be resourceful and cunning, especially if he maintained that position for 30 years. Ever since he got out of prison, however, all Angelo wanted to do was to retire and live the rest of his days in peace. This is in stark contrast to other old school mafiosi, like Phil Leotardo or Feech La Manna, who immediately got back into business. In comparison, Angelo was joyful, and even kind, to some extent, never overstepping his boundaries and treating his fellow mobsters with respect. That said, Angelo was still a mobster, and nonchalantly ordered the death of Joey Peeps, even if he had taken part in the murder of Lorraine. Ultimately, his demise was his willingness to still be a part of the mob world, never officially fulfilling his retirement.