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The Bada Bing

The Bada Bing is a topless dancer night club located in Lodi, New Jersey. It is owned by Silvio Dante.


The Bada Bing is often frequented by the Soprano Crew, where they conduct business such as meetings and discussions and offers for promotion or play pool, mostly in the office.

The Bada Bing is often referred to as the "Bing". It was also called a "Titty Bar" by Mikey Palmice.


Key Events[]

  • Tony finds out about Jackie Aprile, Sr.'s death. (1998)
  • Tony cancels the hit on Don Hauser (1999).
  • Tony and Silvio agree to have Richie Aprile killed. (2000)
  • Ralph beats Tracee to death in the parking lot. (2000)
  • Christopher threatens to kill Tony. (2004)
  • Two Lupertazzi Family members shoot at Silvio and Patsy. (2007)

Carlo, Patsy, Paulie and Bobby play pool.