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Barbara Giglione (née Soprano; born March 7, 1965) is a recurring character portrayed by Nicole Burdette from seasons 2-3 and Danielle Di Vecchio in seasons 5 and 6.


Barbara is the youngest child of Johnny and Livia Soprano, and sister of Tony and Janice Soprano. She is seen infrequently, usually only visiting her siblings for family functions, weddings or funerals. She is first seen in season 1, as a toddler sitting in her high chair as Livia yells at a young Tony during a flashback sequence. She lives in Brewster, New York and has two children with her husband, Tom Giglione. One of her first appearances as a full-grown woman was when she was met by Tony at the funeral of her father-in-law, who died of a fall. Although not Mafia or blood family, Tony gave a "boost" to his brother-in-law Tom out of respect for his father, who Tony saw as a decent, hardworking man. Tom was originally seen with a goatee, but became a clean-shaven man in later seasons.

Barbara took part in caring for Corrado John "Junior" Soprano Jr. as his dementia worsened.

After Tony's shooting at the hands of Uncle Junior, Barbara increased the level of contact with her siblings. She took part in keeping a round-the-clock vigil for Tony at the hospital and later attended family Sunday dinners at his home. In the series finale, she was seen attending the wake of Janice's late husband and DiMeo crime family underboss Bobby Baccalieri.