The Barese crew is one of the eight crews of the DiMeo crime family. Founded in about 1980 by Lorenzo 'Larry Boy' Barese, the Barese crew was known for its high earnings and kind, non-conflicting attitude. The crew is currently led by Albert 'Ally Boy' Barese. With the exception of the Soprano crew, the Barese crew is the only crew of the original eight that made up the family that is still fully functioning and active.

Foundation and Larry Boy's reign (circa.1980-2007)Edit

The crew was founded in about 1980 by Lorenzo 'Larry Boy' Barese. Larry Boy was a high earning mobster at the time, and the Boss, Ercoli 'Old Man Eckley' DiMeo, thought he deserved a crew of his own. Hence, the crew was born, and Larry Boy continued his high earning attitude right up until 1999. In 1999, two things happened. Firstly, Rusty Irish, the only Associate of the crew was murdered by Soldier Michael 'Mikey Grab Bag' Palmice on orders of unpopular Capo Corrado 'Uncle Junior' Soprano, for apparently forcing a child to commit suicide using drugs. Rusty was subsequently chucked off a bridge onto some sharp rocks. Larry Boy's earnings went dramatically down, angering him significantly. To make matters worse, Larry was arrested later that year and put on trial. Since he wasn't given a life sentence, Larry was still the official Capo of his crew. While in jail though, his cousin and Soldier of the Barese crew, Albert 'Ally Boy' Barese ran the crew, and rebuilt its reputation as a high earning crew, despite the fact he was only member of the crew. In 2007, Larry Boy was given a long sentence, a sentence that he was extremely unlikely to outlive. He was therefore, to everyone's sadness, removed from the family. Larry Boy was also suspected to be an informant because he knew the location of the body of a bookie then-associate Tony Soprano murdered with the help of Paulie Gualtieri. When they see the FBI trying to dig it up, they go to Florida to avoid getting arrested. However, he blamed it on long-dead Boss Jackie Aprile, which causes Tony to suspect he is feeding the FBI false information.

Current Status (2007-)Edit

After Larry's arrest, it is presumed that Albert Barese became the official Capo since he was the acting Capo when Larry was arrested previously.

List of members of the Barese crew:Edit

Lorenzo 'Larry Boy' Barese - Capo (circa.1980-2007), arrested in 1999, given 'life' sentence in 2007.

Albert 'Ally Boy' Barese - Soldier (circa.1990-2007), Capo (2007-).

Nicholas "Nicky Spags" Spagnelli - Soldier 

Rusty Irish - Associate (circa.1990-1999), murdered by Michael 'Mikey Grab Bag' Palmice on orders of Corrado 'Uncle Junior' Soprano, for making Uncle Junior's tailor's grandson commit suicide with drugs.

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