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Peter "Beansie" Gaeta is a recurring character portrayed by Paul Herman. He is an associate of the DiMeo crime family and was a member of the Aprile crew.


Starting as a drug dealer, Beansie matured under the guidance of then DiMeo capo Richie Aprile, eventually being promoted to running a successful heroin trafficking operation for the DiMeo crime family .

In 1989, Richie Aprile was arrested and sentenced to a 10-year prison term (possibly for the heroin dealing he conducted with Beansie), but Beansie was lucky enough to avoid prosecution, subsequently getting out of the drug business entirely and investing his saved profits into a series of successful pizza parlors called Beansie's Pizza in Elizabeth, NJ. Over the next decade, he maintained a good relationship with acting DiMeo boss Tony Soprano, who considered him a friend and used his chain of cash-only businesses to launder money. He never visited his old capo Richie Aprile in prison however, and although he got richer, he remained an un-made associate, both facts which would later come back to haunt him when Richie got out of prison.

10 years later, embittered by Tony and Beansie's success in his absence and hardened by a decade in prison, Richie immediately sought out Beansie and attempted to extort him, calling him "a slippery little fuck" and insisting he owed Richie money for "putting him in the game". Beansie indignantly refused to pay, citing his superior money management skills as proof of why he succeeded where Richie failed, and mentions his relationship with Tony Soprano; this prompted the infuriated Richie to first smash a pot of hot coffee over his head and then give him a serious beating, later on running him over with his car, rendering Beansie hospitalized and paraplegic from his injuries (in "Toodle Fucking-Oo").

The entire event formed part of the proxy war between Tony Soprano and Richie Aprile, with Beansie suffering the abuse Richie wished he could inflict on Tony. Tony was thus limited to extracting several small compensation "taxes" on Beansie's behalf, including a wheelchair ramp and eventually a cash payment; Beansie was insulted and angry by the lack of justice, he refused to accept the money on principle, but Tony insisted and mentioned that he could donate Richie's money to the Spinal Injury Foundation if he wanted.

Now using a wheelchair, Beansie left New Jersey for good and moved down to open a supper club in Miami. He had evidently remained in contact with Tony Soprano: he helped set up a meeting between Tony and fellow Miami resident and Lupertazzi crime family capo Little Carmine Lupertazzi; socialized with Tony and Paulie Gualtieri when the two went on the lam (in "Remember When"); and in 2007 secured A.J. Soprano a job in his New Jersey pizzeria.