Blanca Selgado is the Puerto-Rican/Dominican girlfriend of A.J. Soprano in Season 6 of The Sopranos. Blanca was arguably the most important person in A.J.'s life outside of his immediate family, as he was prepared to raise her son, Hector. Dating Blanca also gave him a self-esteem boost and motivated him to move up in life, though the two eventually broke up, which A.J. found difficult to deal with. 

She was played by Dania Ramirez.


Blanca, born 1976, was A.J. Soprano's 30-year-old girlfriend, whom he met while working at the construction site. Blanca is an administrator at the site and is also responsible for making payments to Paulie Gualtieri. Blanca has a 3-year-old son named Hector, born 1998, from a previous marriage; and lives in an apartment building in South Passaic. She attended Christmas celebrations at the Soprano family home and met A.J.'s parents (Tony and Carmela Soprano), who were initially skeptical about the relationship for several reasons: she was not Italian, she was ten years A.J.'s senior, and she was a single mother, but they ultimately accepted it because she was Catholic like they were.

Blanca lives in a neighborhood that had been disturbed by a youth gang, which A.J. steps up to deal with. He convinces the gang members to move on by bribing them with a bicycle. A.J. eventually proposes marriage to Blanca and she accepts, but later changes her mind and ends the relationship, sending A.J. into an emotional downward spiral that lasts for several episodes. Later while in therapy, A.J. is asked by his therapist if his feelings about Blanca parallel his feelings about a Somali boy who was beaten by classmates in front of him. A.J. initially objects vigorously to the analogy on account that "she's not black" but later reluctantly admits that she is "very tan". A.J. also explores with compassion that Blanca's son barely talks because she cannot afford to send him to a better school. He contrasts that and other ills and inequalities in the world with the luxury in which his parents live.


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