Burt Gervasi

Burt Gervasi portrayed by Artie Pasquale was an associate and later soldier in the Soprano Crew, during the Soprano-Lupertazzi war, Burt switched sides joining the Lupertazzi Family.

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Burt Gervasi was an associate of the Soprano crime family, the cousin of Carlo Gervasi, and the husband of Lorraine Gervasi. He is shown in 2006, becoming a made man in the same time that Gerry Torciano was made capo in the Lupertazzi family. He later joined the Soprano crew and worked alongside with Patsy Parisi making weekly collection of money from stores. He was probably friends with Christopher Moltisanti since he visited his bachelor party and was at his funeral.

During the Soprano-Lupertazzi war, he switched sides to join the Lupertazzi crime family When he revealed this and tried to turn Silvio Dante, he was murdered in his home by Silvio.

This may have led to Carlo becoming an FBI informant, in addition to help his son who was arrested for drug dealing.

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