The Buscetta crime family is a La Cosa Nostra family in Philadelphia and led by Angelo Buscetta. Don Buscetta sent his nephew and underboss Mario Buscetta to meet with Tony Soprano, boss of the DiMeo family, to see if he was interested in a drug deal, however Mario was confronted by DiMeo captain Paulie Gualtieri in the men's restroom of the Bada Bing; Paulie and DiMeo associate Joey LaRocca then accidentally kill him through use of excessive force. Joey and his friend Reggie were told to dump his body at the Cranford Marine Terminal, which they did. The following day, Don Buscetta met DiMeo boss Tony Soprano to figure out what happened to Mario, although Tony had no clue. He later met with Tony to ask for his assistance in a drug deal at Cranford which fell under Tony's jurisdiction, as he controlled the port local, however Tony refused, leading to tension between the two. LaRocca was told to pick up a bill for Paulie at Neil's law office which was used by Tony Soprano, however LaRocca found out that Buscetta was using Neil's law office for drug deals; Angelo's twin enforcers then carjacked and attempted to run over A.J Soprano. This sparked a war between DiMeo and Buscetta. Tony then told LaRocca and DiMeo captain Vito Spatafore to blow up their porn studio which was owned by their caporegime Louie the Bat. Buscetta was still going through with his drug deal at the Cranford Marine Terminal, which Tony had warned him against. LaRocca subsequently sabotaged Buscetta's drug deal and murdered both himself and Louie. The fate of the family remains unknown.