Butch "The Little Guy" DeConcini is a high-ranking member of the Lupertazzi crime family, first appearing in the show as a capo and later being promoted to underboss.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Butch is initially a capo but later becomes the underboss of the Lupertazzi crime family under Phil Leotardo. He attended Little Carmine Lupertazzi's "meeting of minds" to try to resolve a dispute with the Soprano crime family in 2006 after Tony responded to the murder of Vito Spatafore by blowing up a wire room in Sheepshead Bay that was owned by Phil Leotardo. After the effort failed, DeConcini was vocal in his desire to move against Tony Soprano. DeConcini was critical of Albie Cianfalone's assertion that the attack showed that Tony had balls, saying he felt his bombing of one of Phil's properties was similar to the 9/11 attacks and should be met with an effort to eradicate the perpetrators. When Phil refused to consider killing a boss, it was Butch who suggested they move on someone else in Tony's family. Phil soon suffered a heart attack and Butch kept watch at the hospital with others—he was confrontational when Tony visited Phil. When Phil ordered a hit on Faustino "Doc" Santoro to take over the Lupertazzi family once and for all, it was Butch who oversaw the assassination behind the wheel of one of the getaway cars. Upon Phil's permanent elevation to boss, Butch was made underboss of the family. Alongside Albie Cianflone, Butch is one of Phil's primary confidants and advisors. While Butch may have an old grudge against the Soprano family, he puts business first when it becomes clear that Phil's attempt to wipe out the Soprano family leadership has failed, and he notices Phil's threatening tone regarding his future due to the failure to find and murder Tony. During a sit-down with Tony Soprano and Paulie Gualtieri, he, along with Albie Cianflone and Little Carmine Lupertazzi, agree to end the war against the Soprano family. While Butch will not give up Phil's whereabouts (it is earlier established that Phil won't tell Butch where he is), he gives consent on behalf of the Lupertazzi family for Tony to hunt down and murder Phil. Butch would seem to be the likely choice to become Boss of the Lupertazzi family.

Murders ordered by DeConcini[edit | edit source]

  • Faustino "Doc" Santoro: Multiple gunshot wounds to various parts of the abdomen and face. Killed during the New York power struggle. (2007)  

Appearances [edit | edit source]

  • Played by: Greg Antonacci
  • Appears in: "Kaisha", "Soprano Home Movies", "Stage 5", "Remember When", "Chasing It", "Kennedy and Heidi", "The Second Coming", "The Blue Comet", "Made in America"
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