Carlos (played by an Unknown Actor), is Mustang Sally's Hispanic friend in the episode Another Toothpick. He (and Mustang



Sally) are killed by Mustang Sally's Godfather Robert "Bobby" Baccalieri, Sr. When Carlos returns from smoking in his room Bobby pointed a gun at Mustang Sally's head with the goal of killing Mustang Sally when Carlos sees this he says "Oh, what the fuck?" after saying this Bobby shoots Mustang Sally in the side of the head injuring him and then shoots Carlos in the leg injuring Carlos as well. Mustang Sally and Bobby get in a fight and in the end Bobby wins by shooting Mustang Sally in the side of the head after killing Mustang Sally, Bobby shoots Mustang Sally's corpse once Bobby then looks at the injured Carlos and calls Carlos "Greaseball" Bobby then points the same gun that killed Mustang Sally gun at Carlos, Carlos pleads Bobby not to kill him and uses a chair as a shield however Bobby shots through the chair and the bullet hits Carlos in the head, killing him instantly, Bobby snickers after killing Carlos.

Bobby was ordered to kill Mustang Sally under orders of Tony Soprano and Gigi Cestone because Mustang Sally put made man Vito Spatafore's brother Bryan in a coma by hitting Bryan in the head with a golf club.

Carlos is killed because he witnessed the death of Mustang Sally.