The Curto crew was one of the eight crews of the DiMeo crime family. Founded in about 1960 by Raymond 'Buffalo Ray' Curto, it was known as one of the first crews to be created within the family. The crew went defunct in 2006, after Buffalo Ray died of a stroke.

Foundation and Buffalo Ray's reign (circa.1960-2006)

The Curto crew was founded in about 1960 by Raymond 'Buffalo Ray' Curto. Ray had been a strong friend of then Boss Ercoli 'Old Man Eckley' DiMeo. In order to expand his illegal empire in terms of people, DiMeo had four crews put in place (La Manna, Curto, Junior and Soprano). Despite being a good earner, Ray never seemed to drag anyone aboard his crew and remained as the only member of his crew for over four decades. In 2001, he started working for the FBI, for reasons unknown, though no-one ever suspected him. In 2006, he died of a stroke, possibly due to his frail, old age. Since he was the only member, the crew went defunct after his death.

List of members of the Curto crew:

  • Raymond 'Buffalo Ray' Curto - Capo (circa.1960-2006), died of a stroke.
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