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Debbie is a supporting character portrayed by Karen Sillas. She is the madame of a high-end brothel that is used by DiMeo crime family boss Tony Soprano and police detective Vin Makazian, along with several other DiMeo gangsters, businessmen and New Jersey politicians.


Debbie has presumably ran the brothel for several years. She mentions that Vin Makazian has helped her get out of trouble on more than one occasion and not just trouble with law enforcement. She was Makazian's confidant and quite possibly his lover.

After Vin Makazian's death, Debbie tells Tony Soprano that Vin was depressed and wasn't happy with what he had become. Debbie tells Tony that Vin was in debt and getting arrested at her bordello was probably the last straw for him. However she tells Tony that Vin thought of him as a friend to the end.