Dino Zerilli portrayed by Andrew Davoli is a friend of Jackie Aprile, Jr, Dino often helps Jackie with criminal activities.


Dino Zerilli

Biography Edit

Dino was a childhood friend of Jackie Aprile, Jr. He helps Jackie Jr. threaten some disruptive Latino men at Pizzaland. Dino is the one who holds onto Jackie's handgun after Jackie Jr. threatens the Latino men with it. He attended Rutgers University with Jackie Jr. and was a drop out. Like Jackie Jr. and Carlo Renzi, he feels that Ralph Cifaretto is holding them back from their full potential. He looks up in admiration to Christopher Moltisanti who was at that point in time a rising figure in the DiMeo crime family. After quickly picking up his bad habits along with Jackie Jr., he gets arrested for a short period of time. When he is released, Jackie gives him the lowdown. Dino resists at first but later decides to comply with Jackie Jr.'s scheme to rob Eugene Pontecorvo's low-stakes card game in order to gain the respect of the higher level mobsters. They team up with Carlo Renzi, who wields a heavy shotgun. Things do not go their way when Sunshine gets killed during the robbery, triggering a barrage of gunshots from both sides. This scuffle leaves Carlo dead and Furio wounded. Dino and Jackie Jr. run for the street, but their getaway wheelman, Matush, had fled out of fear after hearing the gunshots. Jackie boosts an oncoming car and high-tails it out of the area, leaving Dino to face an angry Christopher Moltisanti and Albert Barese. Dino tries to level with them by mentioning he's with Ralph, but that does not help. Chris and Albert promptly fire their pistols into Dino's face. Dino falls to the ground and bleeds to death immediately.


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