Donnie Paduana
Donnie Paduana
Aliases "Donnie P"
Status Deceased
Political Information
Affiliation DiMeo crime family
Rank Associate
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Isabella
Final Appearance Isabella
Portrayed By David Wike
Episode Count 1


Donnie's corpse.

Donnie Paduana is a supporting character portrayed by David Wike. He is an associate of the DiMeo crime family and knows DiMeo soldier Mikey Palmice. Paduana is possibly a member of Corrado Soprano's crew.

"They'll do it fucking tomorrow, my personal guarantee."
Donnie Paduana[src]


Mikey Palmice uses Paduana as an intermediary to seek out contract killers and organize a hit on DiMeo capo Tony Soprano. After being given the task, Donnie's contract killers fail to fulfill the job, as there are too many witnesses, which angers new DiMeo boss Corrado Soprano who ordered the hit. Donnie arrives at a clandestine meeting and after Mikey and DiMeo soldier Chucky Signore talk to him for a moment, Paduana makes a joke saying, "I hear that Tony Soprano's own mother wants him clipped." but Palmice tells him that's not funny. Mikey Palmice walks back to the car and stands outside the back door and talks to his boss through the window. Corrado Soprano doesn't share the sarcastic humor that Donnie Paduana has. Corrado says to Mikey, "I don't like it! This fuckin' guy's big mouth." Mikey tells his boss, "No, he's OK." Corrado persists, "I don't like it! Next time he could be makin' jokes about me." Palmice nods and tells Signore to tell Donnie Paduana to wait a second. He walks over to Donnie's car and bends down to look at him through the passenger side window. Mikey fires two bullets into Donnie's head.


  • He drives a 1982 Pontiac Firebird with licence plate number PO-667P. This is most likely a production oversight, as this is also the licence plate number of Tony Soprano's red 1999 Chevrolet Suburban.


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