Emil Kolar
Emil Kolar
Full Name Emil Kolar
Aliases Email
Nationality Czech American
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Parents Manager of Kolar Sanition (Father)
Other Relatives Afton Kolar (Uncle)
Political Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance The Sopranos (Pilot)
Final Appearance The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti (In Chris's nightmare)
Portrayed By Bruce Smolanoff
Episode Count 2

Emil Kolar, played by Bruce Smolanoff, is a supporting character in the episode "The Sopranos" and is the first on-screen casualty/death in The Sopranos. He is the son of the manager of Kolar Sanitation - a rival company to Barone Sanitation involved in a bidding war over waste disposal at the Triborough Towers. The Barone Sanitation firm is backed by mafia capo Tony Soprano. Soprano's cousin and criminal associate Christopher Moltisanti lured Emil to a meeting at Satriale's under the pretence of selling him cocaine and negotiating a deal regarding the routes. He then murders Emil. Emil's corpse is later seen wrapped in a tarp where Christopher is met by Big Pussy Bomponsierno near a dumpster owned by Kolar Sanitation. Pussy is nervous about the situation, saying that if they dump Emil's body in one of the Kolar brothers' dumpsters, it could result in war. Pussy recommends burying the corpse in a nondescript location.

Later in the series Emil appears to Chris in a dream as an undead revenant, a likely haunting of Chris over his first murder.

When Chris met Emil Kolar, he referred to him as "Email", to which Emil corrects him by pronouncing his name properly. A recurring joke would be throughout the series that whenever Emil Kolar was mentioned, Chris would ignorantly call him "Email".

Appearances Edit

Appearances: "The Sopranos (Pilot)", "The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti"

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, "Cold Cuts"


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