Ercole "Eckley" Soprano is a minor unseen character on The Sopranos. It was revealed by Corrado Soprano Jr. that Ercoli had certain gifts, such as being "strong as a bull and handsome like George Raft", but had some form of mild retardation. Because Tony's paternal grandparents were immigrants, they had a hard enough time assimilating, let alone deal with Ercoli's issue. Junior later thanked his mother for looking hard until they could find an appropriate mental institution to provide for Ercoli's care, and also remarked that Johnny Boy paid for the place after the death of his parents. Another remark of Junior's was that it was unfortunate Ercoli was born in his day, for if he was still alive today he could have gotten a menial job, as today's healthcare better understands issues such as Down Syndrome and it has more public acceptance. Junior also expresses shock that Tony's parents kept the existence of Ercoli hidden from Tony, to which Tony replies he remembered his mother talking about his father's feebleminded brother, but Tony always assumed that was in reference to Junior. That remarks annoys Junior, and when Tony asks when Ercoli died, Junior replies his death was shortly before Johnny's. As Tony's father died in 1986, it could be assumed Ercoli died in 1984 or 1985.

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