An aging Mustache Pete with a full head of white combed back hair. He had the enmity of the rest of the family for his actions while Phil Leotardo was recovering from his heart attack. Ordered a hit on Gerry Torciano after the airing of a television show discussing who would take over the Lupertazzi crime family after Johnny Sack died. As Gerry was the perceived successor to Phil Leotardo, Doc had him removed. During a sit-down, Doc humiliates Phil by taking food from his plate even as Phil acknowledges Doc as the head of the family. Phil avenges his long-felt humiliations and has Doc murdered outside a massage parlor, cementing his own claim to be the boss. Dan Conte, who plays Doc Santoro, is a doctor in real life. He is an Osteopathic physician and practices in Northern New Jersey.
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