Frank Crisci

Frank Crisci is a minor character that appears in the episode The Weight. He along with DiMaggio Galina are hit men who are recommended to Tony Soprano by Junior Soprano to assassinate Johnny Sack. Tony sends Christopher Moltisanti and Silvio Dante to Frank and DiMaggio to pay them, show them a picture of Sack, and discuss how they would kill him. DiMaggio tells the story of how he and Frank killed a man named Tommy Neri: DiMaggio hit Tommy in the head with a tire iron and held him down while Frank decapitated Tommy with a hacksaw. Frank offers Christopher and Silvio coffee but they decline.

Murders committed by Frank Crisci Edit

Tommy Neri: decapitated by Frank after DiMaggio hit Tommy with a tire iron and held him down. (Frank is played by the actor Richard Bright, who played "Al Neri" in The Godfather films.

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