George Paglieri
George Paglieri
Full Name George Paglieri
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Possibly Gambino crime family
Rank Boss (retired)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance Made in America
Final Appearance Made in America
Portrayed By Peter Mele
Episode Count 1

Boss of one of the five New York families that bears his name.

Season 6 Part 2Edit

Tony reached out to Paglieri to broker a sitdown between Tony and the Lupertazzi crime family administration, as both families trusted him. Dialogue also indicates that Paglieri is "practically retired" in his organization. He is also the only character on the show who represented a New York family other than Lupertazzi's.

Trivia Edit

• George is possible to be the head of the Gambino Crime Family, due to the fact that, it is shown by the FBI that Junior has connections with Teresi Family (Patriarca Family) and Mangano Family (Gambino Family). Patriarch is not one of the five families, so it would be Gambino, the Gambino family is very close ally of both DeCavalcante (DiMeo / Soprano) and Lucchese (Lupertazzi) families.

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