Jimmy Petrille
James "Jimmy" Petrille was a friend of Johnny Sack's who became his consigliere once Johnny took over as boss of the family. However, it is revealed in "All Due Respect" that Petrille had been a turncoat cooperating with the FBI and gave up information going back to Sacramoni's criminal activities in 1981, which was instrumental in Johnny's arrest. It could be surmised that Petrille's information, along with that which Fabian "Febby" Petrulio provided the government, led to the incarcerations of crime family members Richie Aprile, Angelo Garepe, Phil Leotardo, Michele "Feech" LaManna, and Tony Blundetto. It is unknown what damaging evidence Petrille gave about either the DiMeo crime family or his own Lupertazzi crime family. His fate is unknown, although it is implied that he disappeared into the Federal Witness Protection Program. Tony Does mention how he gave up John Sacramoni and how he was really close to him at the sushi shop in Season 6 Episode 1 at 11:22 of the episode in a conversation with Carmella.


He's based on Gambino crime family former underboss Sammy Gravano, whose testimony led to the incarceration of his boss John Gotti.Template:Citation needed

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