Jason Evanina

"Potential? They almost killed us!"
Jason Evanina[src]


Partner of Lorraine Calluzzo, a shylock in New York associated with the Lupertazzi Family. During the infighting following boss Carmine Lupertazzi's death, Lorraine kicked up to Little Carmine. Jason is the loan collector for Lorraine and although is muscular he does not show his strength. She was intimidated by Phil Leotardo and warned to start paying Johnny Sack. When intimidating Lorraine for the first time, Phil implies that Jason is a homosexual and remarks that he probably taught her how to give oral sex. When she did not comply Phil returned with Billy Leotardo and Joey Peeps. Billy or Joey Peeps shot and killed Jason and as Lorraine tried to escape she was killed by Joe and Billy not far from where she discovered his dead body. He is allegedly based on the Chicago Outfit bookmaker and mob associate Frank Maltese, who is the husband of Betty Loren-Maltese, the alleged basis of the character Lorraine Calluzzo.