Joseph "Joey Peeps" Peparelli

"Huh, what I say? I didn't say nuthin'..."
Joe Peeps[src]


Joseph "Joey Peeps" John Peparelli was an associate in Phil Leotardo's crew and an aide-de-camp to Johnny Sack. Joey was drinking alongside Johnny Sack when he thought Donny K was laughing at him - this was during his beef with Ralph and his crew over an insult to Ginny Sack. Joey was unable to restrain John from following Donny outside, beating and urinating on him but Joey quickly spirited John away from the scene once he was finished, After this incident Johnny ordered Joe to put a contract on Captain Ralph Cifaretto, when Johnny decided to call the hit off it was Joey who called the hitman.

Often went to high-level sit-downs with Johnny Sack. During the infighting amongst the Lupertazzi crime family Joe and Billy Leotardo killed lady shylock Lorraine Calluzzo for kicking up to Little Carmine instead of Johnny Sack. He was killed by Tony Blundetto when leaving a brothel. He was confronted by Tony who is standing outside his car. After being shot to death along with the brothel prostitute Heather, his foot falls on the gas pedal and rolls his 2000 Lincoln Town Car over Blundetto's foot giving him a compact fracture and finally smashing into the back of a parked Chevrolet Cavalier several feet in front of him. When ordering his death, Angelo Garepe referred to him as "a friend of John's, not a friend of ours" assuring Blundetto that Peparelli was not a made man. At Peparelli's funeral, Tony is aghast that his crew had a formal headstone carved with the name "Peeps". He calls them idiots for not getting the proper name of "Peparelli" engraved and orders them to pay for a new tombstone.


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