A the following is a list of deaths from The Sopranos. Over the course of the series, 92 (possibly 93) human characters died.


Season 1 (1999) Edit

# Deceased Cause of Death Murderer Episode
1 Emil Kolar Gunshot wound to the back of the head while snorting a line of cocaine at Satriale's Deli. Christopher killed Emil in an attempt to settle a dispute with Barone Sanitation. Christopher Moltisanti The Sopranos
2 Hector Anthony Gunshot wound (location unknown). The weapon that killed Anthony was accidentally dropped by one of Brendan Filone's goons. Special K 46 Long
3 Brendan Filone Gunshot wound clean through the eye while he was in his bathtub, on orders from Uncle Junior for hijacking trucks without permission. Mikey Palmice Denial, Anger, Acceptance
4 Giacomo "Jackie" Aprile, Sr. Stomach cancer. n/a Meadowlands
5 Fabian "Febby" Petrulio
a.k.a. Fred Peters
Garroted. Petrulio ratted out a friend of Paulie and Pussy's and then joined the witness protection program. Tony Soprano College
6 Dominic Drug-induced psychosis resulting in suicide. Fourteen year old grandson of Uncle Junior's tailor, he jumped from a bridge after taking MDMA acquired from Rusty Irish Dominic via Rusty Irish Pax Soprana
7 Rusty Irish Blunt force trauma from fall. Irish was thrown over Paterson Falls because he gave MDMA to Dominic which led to the young boy's suicide. Mikey Palmice & Joseph Marino
8 Gallegos Gunshot wound to the forehead. Gallegos was a drug dealer who was killed for operating on the no crew's territory. Paulie Walnuts A Hit Is a Hit
9 Vin Makazian Suicide by drowning after jumping off of the Donald Goodkind Bridge on Route 1. Makazian had been arrested and was in high debt. Self Nobody Knows Anything
10 Mariolina Capuano Natural causes. n/a Isabella
11 Donnie Paduana Gunshot wound to the head. Killed on orders from Uncle Junior for joking about Livia wanting her son assassinated. Mikey Palmice
12 John Clayborn Gunshot wound to the head. Accidentally killed by his partner during the attempted assassination on Tony. Rasheen Ray
13 Jimmy Altieri Gunshot wound to the back of the head. Killed for being an FBI informant. Left dead on street with a rat stuffed in his mouth as a message. Silvio Dante and Christopher Moltisanti I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano
14 Chucky Signore Multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen. Killed for conspiring with Uncle Junior to kill Tony. Tony Soprano
15 Mikey Palmice Multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen. Killed for conspiring with Uncle Junior to kill Tony. Christopher Moltisanti & Paulie Walnuts
  • Total: 16

Season 2 (2000) Edit

# Deceased Cause of Death Murderer Episode
1 Dr. Jennifer Melfi's Patient Committed suicide. Self Guy Walks into a Psychiatrist's Office...
2 Phillip "Philly Spoons" Parisi Gunshot wound to the head. Killed so Tony could gain control of Junior's crew and because he told people that Tony likes "to fluff his mother's pillows" (wants her dead). Gigi Cestone
3 Freddy Capuano Supposedly killed for spreading rumors. Unknown Do Not Resuscitate
4 Rev. Herman James, Sr. Natural causes while sleeping. n/a
5 Jimmy Bones Blunt force trauma to the head. An Elvis impersonator, Bones was killed with a ball-peen hammer after seeing Pussy speaking with his FBI contact Big Pussy Bonpensiero Commendatori
6 Tom Giglione, Sr. Head trauma (likely). n/a The Happy Wanderer
7 Waldemar Wyczchuk Executed by explosion. Skip Lipari brings the information to Big Pussy. Unknown assassin D-Girl
8 Sean Gismonte Gunshot wound to the head. Killed during the shootout when he and Matthew Bevilaqua attempted to murder Christopher Moltisanti. Christopher Moltisanti Full Leather Jacket
9 Matthew Bevilaqua Multiple gunshot wounds to the head and chest. Executed by Pussy and Tony after he attempted to kill Christopher. Tony Soprano & Big Pussy Bonpensiero From Where to Eternity
10 Richie Aprile Gunshot wound to the chest; gunshot wound to the forehead. Killed by his fiancee, Janice Soprano, after he punched her in a domestic dispute. Janice Soprano The Knight in White Satin Armor
11 Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero Multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. Killed for being an FBI informant. Tony Soprano, Silvio Dante, and Paulie Walnuts Funhouse
  • Total: 11

Season 3 (2001) Edit

# Deceased Cause of Death Murderer Episode
1 Livia Soprano Stroke while sleeping. n/a Proshai, Livushka
2 Fabrizio "Febby" Viola Cancer. n/a Another Toothpick
3 Salvatore "Mustang Sally" Intile Gunshot wound through the head. Killed for beating Bryan Spatafore with a golf club. Robert "Bobby" Baccalieri, Sr.
4 Carlos Multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. Killed because he was with Mustang Sally when the latter was killed. Robert "Bobby" Baccalieri, Sr.
5 Robert "Bobby" Baccalieri, Sr. Exact cause unknown, either cancer or fatal collision. Baccalieri crashed his car into a sign post while experiencing respiratory distress. n/a
6 Tracee Beaten to death. Killed because she insulted and slapped Ralph. Ralph Cifaretto University
7 Gigi Cestone Heart attack caused from the stress of putting his kids through school, onset by the strain of defecation. n/a He is Risen
8 Sunshine Multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. Killed for refusing to cooperate during an attempted poker robbery. Giacomo Michael "Jackie" Aprile, Jr. Amour Fou
9 Carlo Renzi Gunshot wound to the head. Killed during a shootout after Jackie Aprile Jr.-led attempt to rob a poker game. Christopher Moltisanti
10 Dino Zerilli Multiple gunshot wounds (5) to the head. Killed after a shootout that followed an attempted poker game robbery. Christopher Moltisanti & Albert "Ally Boy" Barese
11 Giacomo Michael "Jackie" Aprile, Jr. Gunshot wound to the back of the head. Killed because of the poker robbery he attempted with Dino and Carlo. Vito Spatafore Army of One
  • Total: 11

Season 4 (2002) Edit

# Deceased Cause of Death Murderer Episode
1 Dennis Lynch Shot to death in an armored car robbery in Pennsylvania. Lynch was connected to organized crime families both in New York and New Jersey. unknown For All Debts Public and Private
2 Dennis Lynch's partner Shot to death in an armored car robbery in Pennsylvania. unknown
3 Barry Haydu Shot twice in the head by Christopher. A newly-retired police lieutenant, Haydu was killed for the murder of Chris's father, Richard "Dickie" Moltisanti Christopher Moltisanti
4 Karen Baccalieri Fatal car accident. n/a Christopher
5 Gloria Trillo Suicide by hanging Self Everybody Hurts
6 Furio's father Died of cancer in Italy. n/a Mergers and Acquisitions
7 Ralph Cifaretto Physically beaten, then strangled to death. Ralph was killed for supposedly setting the fire to the stables, which killed Pie-O-My. Later decapitated and his severed head and hands were placed in a bowling bag. Tony Soprano Whoever Did This
8 Minn Matrone Suffocated with a pillow by Paul Gualtieri after she caught him burglarizing her home for her life savings. Paulie Walnuts Eloise
9 Credenzo Curtis Multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen. Curtis was a heroin dealer who was ambushed and shot along with Stanley Johnson to assure that the cancelled assassination of Carmine Lupertazzi would remain a secret. Peter "Bissell" LaRosa & Benny Fazio Whitecaps
10 Stanley Johnson Gunshot wounds to the chest and head. Johnson was an associate who was ambushed and shot along with Credenzo Curtis to assure that the canceled assassination of Carmine Lupertazzi would remain a secret. Benny Fazio
  • Total: 10

Season 5 (2004) Edit

# Deceased Cause of Death Murderer Episode
1 Raoul Blunt force trauma to the head (brick thrown by Christopher Moltisanti), gunshot wound to the chest (shot by Paulie Walnuts). An Atlantic City waiter, Raoul was killed after a dispute over a tip for insulting Chris and Paulie. Paulie Walnuts & Christopher Moltisanti Two Tonys
2 Joseph "Joey" Cogo Killed prior in a payment dispute. Unknown Rat Pack
3 Carmine Lupertazzi Stroke. n/a
4 Jack Massarone Gunshot wound to the head. Killed for being an FBI informant. Unknown.
5 Jason Evanina Gunshot wound to the chest. Killed (off-screen) for being present at the time of Lorraine's killing. Joseph "Joey Peeps" Pepparelli and/or Billy Leotardo All Happy Families...
6 Lorraine Calluzzo Gunshot wound. Killed for not obeying the orders of Johnny Sack. Billy Leotardo
7 Aunt Concetta Heart attack. n/a In Camelot
8 Vincent Patronella Unknown, presumably natural causes. n/a
9 Mrs. Crilley Uncle Junior’s cousin’s sister by marriage. Died of natural causes. n/a
10 Little boy Drowned in a jacuzzi. n/a
11 Uncle Nicolo aka "Zio" Natural causes. n/a
12 Joseph "Joey Peeps" Peparelli Gunshot wound to the head. Killed in his car as revenge for the death of Lorraine Calluzzo. Tony Blundetto Marco Polo
13 Heather Gunshot wound to the chest. Killed since she was with Joe Peeps when he was killed. Tony Blundetto
14 Angelo Garepe Multiple gunshot wounds to the face. Killed on orders from Johnny Sack for being loyal to Little Carmine. Phil and Billy Leotardo The Test Dream
15 Billy Leotardo Multiple gunshot wounds to the head and chest. Killed in revenge for the death of Angelo Garepe. Tony Blundetto
16 Gilbert Nieves Stabbed to death. Killed after confronting Matush, a drug dealer friend of the late Jackie Aprile, Jr. Matush Long Term Parking
17 Adriana La Cerva Multiple gunshot wounds (shooting took place off-screen). Killed for being an FBI informant. Silvio Dante
18 Tony Blundetto Shotgun blast to face and chest. Killed to appease the New York family for the unauthorized killings of Joseph "Joey Peeps" Peparelli and Billy Leotardo. Tony Soprano All Due Respect
  • Total: 18

Season 6 (2006-2007) Edit

Part 1 (2006)
# Deceased Cause of Death Murderer Episode
1 Raymond Curto Heart attack. n/a Members Only
2 Dick Barone Lou Gehrig's disease. n/a
3 Teddy Spirodakis Two gunshot wounds to the chest and one to the head. Killed for not paying debts. Eugene Pontecorvo
4 Eugene Pontecorvo Suicide by hanging. Pontecorvo killed himself after being forbidden from moving to Florida by both Tony and the FBI. Self
5 Superintendent Gunshot wound to the abdomen. Accidentally shot upon bursting into a room when Colombian #1 was counting money. Colombian #1 Mayham
6 Colombian #1 Gunshot wound to the chest (by Cary DiBartolo), gunshot wound to the neck (by Paulie Walnuts). He was most likely in charge of keeping track of the large amount of money that he was killed for. Cary DiBartolo and Paulie Gualtieri
7 Colombian #2 Gunshot wound to the right shoulder, gunshot wound to the chest (shot by Cary DiBartolo); stabbed in the chest (stabbed by Paulie Walnuts). Killed after he attempted to kill Paulie Walnuts. Cary DiBartolo and Paulie Walnuts
8 Aunt Dottie Natural causes. Paulie's biological mother, Aunt Dottie suffered from Alzheimer's disease. n/a The Fleshy Part of the Thigh
9 Eddie Pietro Gunshot wound to the head. Killed because he was with Rusty Millio at the time of Millio's killing. Salvatore Luxury Lounge
10 Rusty Millio Gunshot wound to the head. Millio's killer was hired by Tony Soprano, who was acting on a request from Johnny Sack. Italo and Salvatore
11 Car Accident Civilian Gunshot wound to the back of the head. He intended to notify the police that he was involved in a car accident; killed by Vito after refusing cash from him. Vito Spatafore Moe n' Joe
12 Vito Spatafore Beaten to death. Spatafore was killed under Phil Leotardo's orders after being revealed to be a homosexual. Dominic "Fat Dom" Gamiello and Gerry TorcianoCold Stones
13 Dominic "Fat Dom" Gamiello Struck in the head by Silvio Dante, and then stabbed to death by Carlo Gervasi. Gamiello made jokes about Vito's death and implied that Carlo Gervasi is a homosexual. Carlo Gervasi and Silvio Dante
Part 2 (2007)
# Deceased Cause of Death Murderer Episode Title
1 Rene LeCours Shot in the chest and forehead by Bobby Baccalieri. Killed in order for Soprano family to save money in Pharmaceutical racket. Bobby Baccalieri Soprano Home Movies
2 Gerry "The Hairdo" Torciano Multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, arms, and head. Killed by a hitman while dining with Silvio Dante on orders from Faustino "Doc" Santoro in order to eliminate the heirs to the Lupertazzi Family throne. Doc Santoro's hitmen Stage 5
3 John "Johnny Sack" Sacramoni Lung cancer while in prison. n/a
4 Faustino "Doc" Santoro Multiple gunshot wounds to various parts of the abdomen and face. Killed during the New York power struggle. Phil Leotardo's hitmen led by Butch DeConcini Remember When
5 Bodyguard of Doc Multiple gunshot wounds to the abdomen. Killed during the hit on "Doc" Santoro. Phil Leotardo's hitmen
6 Renata Hesh Rabkin's partner.  Died in her sleep. n/a Chasing It
7 J.T. Dolan Shot in the forehead. Killed during Christopher's drunken fury for telling Chris he was in the Mafia, and because too much information had been revealed to him. Christopher Moltisanti Walk Like A Man
8 Christopher Moltisanti Suffocated by Tony after suffering massive trauma brought on by a car accident. Murdered for using heroin and behaving irresponsibly. Tony Soprano Kennedy and Heidi
9 Maria Nuccia Gualtieri Massive stroke while on a bus trip n/a
10 Burt Gervasi Garotted by Sil for considering switching to the Lupertazzi crime family as a turncoat. Silvio Dante The Blue Comet
11 Yaryna's Father Shot twice in the head after being mistaken for Phil Leotardo. Italo
12 Yaryna Shot in the stomach and head for witnessing her father's murder. Italo
13 Bobby Baccalieri Shot multiple times in the chest and stomach as a decapitation blow from New York. Phil Leotardo's hitmen
14 Phil Leotardo Shot in the head and in the chest on Tony's orders. His head was then inadvertently run over and crushed by his own SUV. Walden Belfiore

Made in America

15 Tony Soprano In the final scene of the final episode, Tony is sitting in a diner with Carmella and A.J. waiting for Meadow to arrive. Several suspicious characters are at the diner, but no one acts against Tony. As Meadow arrives, the show ends with the screen going black. It is open to audience interpretation whether Tony and/or his family is killed or not.
  • Total: 28 - 13 for Part 1, 15 for Part 2

Non-chronological Edit

# Deceased Cause of Death Murderer Episode Referenced
1 Johnny Boy Soprano Died from emphysema in 1986. n/a Down Neck
2 Jimmy Died in prison after Febby Petrulio informed. n/a College
3 Ercoli "Eckley" Soprano Died from natural causes a long time ago. n/a The Happy Wanderer
4 Nucci Bonpensiero Died from spinal meningitis many years ago. n/a D-Girl
5 Rocco DiMeo Died from Alzheimer's. N/A Full Leather Jacket
6 Charles "Sonny" Pagano Killed by Paulie in a hit in the mid 1960's to make his bones. Paulie Walnuts From Where to Eternity
7 Many Unnamed Mobster Victims Tony called Bobby Sr. "The F---in' Terminator" for the number of homicides he had committed over his long career.. Robert "Bobby" Baccalieri, Sr. Another Toothpick
8 Francis Satriale Committed suicide by gunshot in the early 1970s, after having his pinky finger chopped off by Johnny Boy Soprano for failing to pay debts. Self ...To Save Us All From Satans Power
9 Carmela's cousin, Cathy Ovarian Cancer. n/a Amour Fou
10 Richard "Dickie" Moltisanti Shot to death in the mid-1970s. Barry Haydu For All Debts Public and Private
11 Dickie Moltisanti's cell mate Stabbed to death while in prison many years ago. Jilly Ruffalo
12 1994 Victim Shot to death. A man who was murdered by the same .38 found on Paulie, who served some time for this gun charge 8 years after the incident in 2002. Lance Mariolina
13 Lenny Caputo Head bashed in with a baseball bat along with his wife. Lou “Dimaggio” Galina. The Weight
14 Lenny Caputo's Wife Head bashed in with a baseball bat along with her husband. Lou “Dimaggio” Galina.
15 Tommy Neri Lou “Dimaggio” Galina hit him with a tire iron while his partner Frank cut his head off with a hacksaw Lou “Dimaggio” Galina and Frank Crisci
16 Murray Furlong Janice’s neighbor from a long time ago who committed suicide by shoving a rifle in his mouth and blasting his brains out. Self Everybody Hurts
17 Thomas Gilardi Killed in a car bomb explosion, the suspected killer being Tony Blundetto when he was 28 years old. Possibly Tony Blundetto Two Tonys
18 Thomas Gilardi's Driver Killed in a car bomb explosion, the suspected killer being Tony Blundetto when he was 28 years old. Possibly Tony Blundetto
19 Johnson Brother #1 Killed for unknown reasons many years ago. Furio "Fred Sasso" Malana Cold Cuts
20 Johnson Brother #2 Killed for unknown reasons many years ago. Furio "Fred Sasso" Malana & Gene "Gigi" Salivio
21 Little Pussy Malanga Killed on Uncle Junior's orders sometime in 1999. Unknown assassin Members Only
22 Aunt Edie Eugene Pontecorvo's Aunt. Died of natural causes a long time ago. n/a
23 Eugene's Father Died of natural causes at age 52 a long time ago. n/a
24 Angelo Giacalone Killed on orders from Tony Soprano. Unknown Members Only
25 Robert Franks Real-life murder in 1924, kidnapped and stabbed to death with chisel Nathan Leopold Jr, Richard Loeb Mentioned by Tony in Down Neck
26-52 26 victims of 1967 Newark riots Real-life victims of rioting and looting in Newark. 11 were dead as Livia watched, but the number rose to 26 by the end. Rioting Flash-back in Down Neck
53 Willie Overall Shot twice in the head by Tony and buried by him and Paulie in 1982. Body discovered in 2007. Murdered on Johnny Boy Soprano's orders. Tony Soprano and Paulie Walnuts Remember When
54 Ernest Hemingway Shot self in head in real-life Self (suicide) Mentioned by Paulie in The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti
56-57 Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti Executed in real-life by electric chair State of Massachusetts Mentioned by Tony in The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti

Notes Edit

  • Silvio Dante in the episode The Blue Comet was shot several times by Lupertazzi family hitmen sent to kill him on Phil Leotardo's orders. Sil was not initially killed in the attack but was left in a comatose state. During his final appearance in Made in America, Silvio is in the hospital and still in a coma, and the doctors tending to him say it is likely he will never wake up. Given this information, it is likely that Silvio died from his injuries. However, as of 2019, David Chase has not commented on Silvio's fate, nor have any of the show's writers, so this has never been confirmed.
  • One of the hitmen shooting at Silvio and Patsy in the above mentioned scene was wearing a "Members Only" jacket. It is unknown if this is the same man in the "Members Only" jacket said to have murdered Tony Soprano in Made in America or if it's someone associated with him who has a similar taste in clothing.


  • Season 2 and Season 3 feature numerous imaginary death sequences such as Tony dreaming of Paulie Walnuts lighting Tony on fire after he pours gasoline over himself; Tony dreaming of randomly shooting Paulie in the chest; Dr. Melfi dreams of her rapist getting mauled to death by stray dogs; and Silvio Dante imagining "Big Pussy” dying in mysterious stripper wardrobe in a nightmare he had.
  • As of the end of season 6 in 2007, there were 92 deaths in total and 62 of them were human murders.
    • Season 6 had the most deaths, followed by Season 5.
    • Season 6 had the most human murders, followed by Seasons 5 and 1.
    • Season 4 had the fewest deaths.
    • Paulie Walnuts committed nine known murders, Tony Soprano and Christopher Moltisanti committed eight on-screen murders each. Silvio Dante was involved with five murders, then Mikey Palmice and Tony Blundetto. each with three murders. Other notables are Pussy Bonpensiero, Benny Fazio, and Vito Spatafore, with two apiece.
  • Four animals were killed through the course of the series:
    • Whitetail deer by Christopher Moltisanti: ("Pine Barrens")
    • Pie-O-My, put down after being badly burned in a stable fire; Tony suspected Ralph Cifaretto who inadvertently admitted to starting the fire to pay for his son's operation and it led to Ralph's death. ("Whoever Did This")
    • Cosette, a maltese dog, accidentally sat on by Christopher Moltisanti when he was high on heroin. ("The Strong, Silent Type")
    • Wild rabbit shot by Artie Bucco for eating his arugula plants he grew using seeds imported from Italy: episode 607 "Luxury Lounge"
  • In every season, at least two major characters have been killed off.
  • Whenever major characters are to be murdered, David Chase tells the actors far in advance to prepare them for the scene.
  • The cast made it a tradition to take cast members who were killed off on the show to Il Cortile, a restaurant in Little Italy, Manhattan, for a farewell dinner.
  • The fact that any cast member could be killed off at any time was referred to as the "Big Pussy Rule" (coined by Steven R. Schirripa).
  • Joe Pantoliano knew in 2001 when he signed on to play the role of Ralph Cifaretto that he would only last two seasons and that his demise would not be a pretty one.
  • One common bond that ties each of the seasons together is the so-called "Aprile Curse", where during the season at least one member of the Aprile crew or family dies.
  • Of all the characters, Christopher had most brushes with death. He had at least one in each season until his eventual demise in part two of Season 6.
    • Season 1: The mock execution given on orders from Junior as punishment for his truck hijackings alongside Brendan Filone.
    • Season 2: In a bungled assassination attempt, Christopher was shot by Sean Gismonte and Matt Bevilaqua, which left him in a coma.
    • Season 3: Shot at by Jackie Aprile, Jr. during an attempted robbery of Eugene's card game.
    • Season 4: Car jacked and beaten up by a Latin gang while trying to purchase heroin. Tony told Chris later that his drug addiction could get him whacked (which turned out to be true).
    • Season 5: Almost murdered by Tony over the (untrue) rumor about Tony and Adriana having sexual relations behind his back.
    • Threatened by and on the lam from Phil Leotardo, because of Tony Soprano's reluctance to hand over Tony Blundetto to Phil for Billy Leotardo's murder.
    • Season 6a: Shot at while fleeing after robbing bikers of crates of wine - who in turn were robbing an establishment.
    • Season 6b: After a car accident caused by his drug taking which left him severely injured, Tony pinched Christopher's nostrils shut and covered his mouth, suffocating him on his own blood.
  • Tony had the second-most brushes with death until his own implied and likely demise in the final episode of the series.
    • "Fred Peters" AKA Fabien "Febby" Petrulio points a gun at Tony as he is escorting a drunk Meadow into the hotel during college visits. This is done after Petrulio correctly suspects that Tony is stalking him and planning to murder him for being an FBI informant.
    • Season 1: Shot in the ear by a hitman, during the hit on him ordered by Uncle Junior.
    • Season 3: Patsy pointed a gun at Tony, intending to kill him for murdering his brother, but reconsidered and urinated in the Sopranos' pool instead.
    • Season 4: Furio considered pushing a drunk Tony into a helicopter rotor blade, but changed his mind.
    • Season 6a: Shot and left in a coma by a senile Uncle Junior, who mistook Tony for his old enemy Pussy Malanga who has been dead for 6 years.
    • Season 6b: Shot in the back of the head by hitman in "Members Only" jacket and died instantly. The silent black screen we see before the credits roll is meant to represent the oblivion Tony and Bobby believed they would experience when they die.

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