Paulie Germani
Little Paulie Germani
Nationality Italian-American
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Spouse Unknown
Partner Unknown
Parents Paulie Walnuts's parents siblings
Other Relatives Peter Paul "Paulie Walnuts Gualiteri
Political Information
Occupation(s) Mobster
Affiliation Moltisanti Crew(DiMeo/Soprano Crime Family)
Rank Associate
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed By Carl Capotorto

Paul "Little Paulie" Germani is a fictional character from the television series The Sopranos. He was played by Carl Capotorto.

Little Paulie Germani is thought to be the nephew (later revealed to actually be a first cousin) and right-hand of Soprano family Capo Paulie Gualtieri. Germani is an associate and later soldier in the Moltisanti crew.

Later in Season 4, Germani was tasked with vandalizing Carmine Lupertazzi's restaurant when Tony and Carmine got into a dispute over the HUD scam. He was also responsible for intimidating Alan Sapinsly after Tony's separation caused him to withdraw from a contract to buy property from Sapinsly. Paulie and Benny Fazio used Tony's home entertainment system speakers on his boat to blast Dean Martin recordings at the Sapinsly home at all hours.

Germani regularly hangs out with Christopher Moltisanti and, if required, accompanies him on debt collections visits as extra muscle. Germani has taken a few knocks in the past, noticeably at a Columbus Day rally and after taking a joke too far with Eugene Pontecorvo at the Esplanade construction site, however, he has shown staying power and may well make a decent soldier yet. In season 5, Little Paulie accompanied Chris when collecting a loan from writer J.T. Dolan. In season 6, Germani has been seen enjoying the private room at the Bada Bing with Benny Fazio and Chris. Paulie also attended Chris's belated bachelor party.

Germani helped his uncle organize the 2006 Feast of Saint Elzear and when his corner-cutting caused a ride to malfunction, Little Paulie was left to deal with the police.

In the Season 6, part II episode Walk like a Man, Little Paulie is badly hurt after being pushed out of a second story window by Christopher Moltisanti over a feud between Paulie Gualtieri and himself. He suffers 6 broken vertebrae. By the series finale however, he has begun to recover from his injuries and was shown wearing a neck brace. He helps in the war with the Lupertazzi crime family, disguising himself as a police officer while searching fervently for Phil Leotardo.