Mariangela Soprano is an unseen character on The Sopranos, having died prior to the show's timeline. She was married to Corrado Soprano, Sr., and the marriage produced three children, making her the mother of Corrado John Soprano, Jr., Ercoli "Eckley" Soprano, and Johnny Soprano. Johnny would eventually grow up and having children of his own, making Mariangela the paternal grandmother of the main character, Tony Soprano.

Little was known about Mariangela, as she was not the subject of much discussion during the show's run. She had been mentioned by Uncle Junior in a talk with Tony discussing Ercoli Soprano, whom Tony never knew of even until this conversation. Junior is somewhat shocked by Tony's ignorance of his uncle's very existence, and mentioned that Ercoli had an unspecified mental disorder, likely Down Syndrome. Junior says his parents failed to understand, as did society in general, about such handicaps, and then says "God bless your grandmother", as Mariangela looked long and hard for a state home that could accommodate Ercoli.

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