Matush was the name of a drug dealer on the series. He was a friend of Dino Zerilli and also associated with Jackie Aprile, Jr. after being introduced to him via Dino. When Adriana was given management of the Crazy Horse night club, Matush was beaten and given a warning to stay out of the club after Benny Fazio and Furio Giunta discover him selling ecstasy in the mens' bathroom. He then appealed to Jackie Jr., who in turn appealed to Christopher, who was the owner of the Crazy Horse in title. Christopher says he did not want ecstasy in his club due to heavy DEA activity in New Jersey, but Jackie spins the story to say Matush must deal "outside" of the club. Furio later grabs Matush and leads him away when he is found selling drugs in the vicinity of the club, and he is next seen hospitalized with a broken jaw and arm while Jackie visits him. Later in the season, Matush is shown acting as a getaway driver as part of Jackie Aprile, Jr.'s unsuccessful plan to rob Ralph Cifaretto's private poker game. He is firmly told by Jackie to remain in his position outside the poker game venue, but makes a hasty escape, driving away after being startled by the sound of gunshots heard inside, leaving Jackie Aprile, Jr., Dino Zerilli and Carlo Renzi behind to find another means of escaping the scene of the crime.

His final appearance occurs in Season 5, where he is seen once more in a flashback scene -- recounted by Adriana during an FBI interrogation where she is pressed for information -- providing Adriana with a small quantity of ecstasy at the Crazy Horse night club as he asks to use the photocopier in her office. After entering the office of the club, he is confronted by a hostile man known as "Gilbert" who spots him and follows him into the office. He confronts Matush over a drug deal in which he claims to have been ripped off, claiming that he had been sold cocaine that had been heavily adulterated with baby laxative powder. He threatens Matush with a knife and demands that the money he paid is returned, at which point an accompanying associate of Matush's surprises Gilbert with a sudden strike to the head. Matush and his associate overpower Gilbert, wrestling him to the floor; Matush proceeds to disarm and stab him multiple times in the torso, killing Gilbert. Adriana abruptly walks into the room moments later and the two commit to disposing Gilbert's body as Adriana assists in cleaning up the scene of the crime.