Pat Blundetto

Uncle Pat Blundetto

Patrizio "Uncle Pat" Blundetto 
is a former soldier in the Soprano crew, worked alongside Johnny Boy Soprano. Unlike many of his contemporaries he was able to retire from "the business". He suffered from hiccups for an entire year (approximately) and contemplated suicide. Pat is the uncle of Tony Blundetto and Chris Moltisanti, and father of Louise Blundetto. Tony Soprano calls him Uncle Pat but they are not blood relatives. Pat's brother Al Blundetto married Quintina Pollio, Livia Soprano's sister. Pat owns a farm at 146, Route 9a, Kinderhook, Upstate New York that his nephews used to visit in the summers of their youth. Several bodies were buried on the farm - Tony, Tony B., and Chris dug them up and moved them in 2004, as he was planning to sell the farm, and move to Florida, which he later does. In the series finale, Pat is seen visiting a decrepit Junior Soprano in a New Jersey mental facility. He there encounters Janice, who he suspects is attempting to con Junior into giving her the last of his money. Pat later visits Tony at the Bada Bing to report Janice's suspicious behavior, before going back to Florida.


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