Patrick Parisi
Patrick parisi
Parisi and Meadow Soprano opening up to Tony and Carmela about their engagement.
Full Name Patrick Parisi
Gender Male
Parents Patsy Parisi

Roberta Feliciano

Siblings Jason Parisi
Other Relatives Phillip Parisi (Uncle)
Political Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance "The Second Coming"
Final Appearance "Made in America"
Portrayed By Daniel Sauli
Episode Count 2

Patrick Parisi is the son of Roberta Feliciano and Patsy Parisi, and the older brother of Jason Parisi. He is the nephew of Phillip Parisi. He is mentioned only in passing, but it is revealed that Patrick was Meadow Soprano's recurring "mystery date", and that the two have been dating since the premiere of Cleaver. Tony and Carmela both have reservations about Patrick for reasons that are not disclosed, to which Meadow responds that he has changed. It is implied that he is studying or practicing law. In the series finale, Meadow announces her engagement to Patrick. In "The Blue Comet" after planning what to do following the shooting of Bobby Baccalieri, Carmela mentions that Meadow is practically living at Patrick's house. He is in the episodes: "The Second Coming" and "Made In America". Meadow sneaks out to see Patrick in the pilot, "The Sopranos".

He is played by Daniel Sauli.

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