Phillip Philly Spoons Parisi

Philly Spoons

Phillip "Philly Spoons" Parisi portrayed by Dan Grimaldi is a soldier and later acting caporegime of Junior's Crew.

Biography Edit

Philly is Patsy Parisi's identical twin brother, who was born eleven minutes after him in Bloomfield, New Jersey. He is also Tony Soprano's cousin on his mother's side. He does not like the city of Boston, Massachusetts calling it "Scranton with Clams". Philly alludes that he has been a fugitive in the past by telling Gigi Cestone about saving money where he can when wanted by the police, but it is never mentioned what he was a fugitive from. The two brothers were extremely close and Phillip would follow his brother into a life of organized crime in the DiMeo crime family. He is also the uncle to Patrick Parisi and coy with revealing mob information. He is executed by Gigi Cestone in early March 2000, when Philly picked-up and drove Gigi home from the Newark Liberty International Airport in his Mercury Grand Marquis. Tony Soprano ordered the hit, along with the earlier hit of Chucky Signore and Michael Palmice, in order to cement Tony's power grab from Junior after his arrest. Although the hit was done for political purposes, with "Spoons" being a likely candidate to ascend to boss after Junior's incarceration, Tony had also been angered by Philly's gossiping and spreading rumors that he attempted to suffocate Livia Soprano.

Postmortem, Philly's murder would have some repercussions. His brother Patsy knew what had happened, and grew severely depressed around his next birthday when normally he and Philly would celebrate in tandem. A drunken Patsy trespassed into the Soprano residence and contemplated shooting Tony, but changed his mind at the last minute to a more sophomoric form of vengeance: urinating in Tony's swimming pool. While Tony was never aware of the prank, he did attempt some form of peace with Patsy by remarking his was doing a good job in the DiMeo family.

After DeathEdit

  • Philly also later appeared in one of Tony's dreams in Funhouse while he was suffering from food poisoning. Tony was shown to be sorry and regretted having him killed. His death is thought to be an attempted carjacking as reported by police in the news.


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