The DiMeo crime family is split into six different ranks:


The undisputed leader of the family, gets a share of all the profits, makes all the decisions.

List of Bosses:

Ercoli 'Old Man Eckley' DiMeo (circa.1950-1995), imprisoned, given life sentence.

Giacomo 'Jackie' Aprile Sr. (1995-1999), died of intestinal cancer.

Corrado 'Uncle Junior' Soprano (1999}, imprisoned in 1999 and released on house arrest. He was re-arrested and held in a psychiatric facility aftering a near fatal shooting of his nephew Anthony ’Tony’ Soprano.

Anthony 'Tony' Soprano (1999- to present ).


The second-in-command in the family and 'heir' to the throne. While the Boss is slightly relaxed and calm, the Underboss is brutal and straightforward, since he is the man who gets the money to the Boss.

List of Underbosses:

Position Vacant/Inactive (circa.1950-1999).

Joe 'Beppy' Sasso (1999), imprisoned, given life sentence.

Anthony 'Tony' Soprano (1999-2006), promoted to Boss.

Robert 'Bobby Bacala' Baccalieri Jr. (2006-2007), murdered by Lupertazzi crime family hit men on orders from Philip 'Phil' Leotardo, during the War of 2007.

Peter 'Paulie Walnuts' Gualtieri (2007-).


The third-in-command in the family and the Boss's closest advisor.

List of Consiglieres:

Position Vacant/Inactive (circa.1950-1999)

Michael 'Mikey Grab Bag' Palmice (1999), murdered by Christopher 'Chrissy' Moltisanti and Peter 'Paulie Walnuts' Gualtieri on orders from Anthony 'Tony' Soprano for conspiring against Tony in an attempt to get him 'whacked'.

Silvio 'Sil' Dante (1999-).


The family is split up into crew (in the DiMeo crime family there are eight) each one with a respective leader. These are called Capos, and are likely candidates for the top three ranks. They run the show with their separate illegal organisations.


Made men, official members of the family, earn the money to get to the Capos and also take part in physical interrogation and murders/assassination tasks.


The lowest rank, unofficial members, also have to carry out physical tasks, wannabe gangsters. Along with Soldiers, they make up crews.

List of Capos, Soldiers and Associates:

Junior Crew

Soprano Crew

Curto Crew

Moltisanti Crew

La Manna Crew

Barese Crew

Altieri Crew

Aprile Crew

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