Reggie (with white shirt) standing on the roof before being executed in The Sopranos: Road to Respect video game


Anthony DeSando, who played Brendan Filone on the series, voices Reggie in The Sopranos: Road to Respect video game.

With his friend Reggie, Joey LaRocca takes a deceased body to the docks to dispose of. They find a watch on him with the inscription “To Mario, love Angie.” It is initially assumed that Angie is Mario’s lover, but it is later revealed that "Angie" is in fact Angelo Buscetta, Mario’s uncle and Philadelphia mob boss. Reggie takes the watch. They dump Marios car at the Nighthorse Casino at Atlantic City.

The next day, Joey secretly assists Christopher Moltisanti in collecting money from a man named Saul, whom Christopher does business with. He finds out that Saul runs a steroid racket that he does not share with the Soprano family. He and Joey find Saul and while Joey burns his hand in hot coal. Saul agrees to share half of his profits with Christopher, and a 20% premium for “pissing him off.”

While at the Gym, Joey learns that the man he had killed, Mario, was the nephew of Angelo Buscetta, a notorious mob boss from Philadelphia, he even gathered information that Reggie was seen wearing Mario’s $25,000 watch, making people suspect that Reggie had whacked Mario. Also while at the gym, Joey is reunited with his old friend Trishelle, who he asks out on a date.

Joey goes to talk to Paulie at Satriale's. Later, at the Bada Bing, Joey has visions of his father Pussy who convinces him to tell Paulie about Reggie stealing the watch. He finds Paulie at Satriale's Pork Store and tells him about Reggie. Paulie orders Joey to whack Reggie for taking the watch and raising suspicion about the Soprano family taking out Angie’s nephew. Joey goes to Reggie’s apartment and, depending on the way the player handles the situation, shoots Reggie or agrees to let him escape. Either way, Angie's man Tuzzio appears and attempts to kill Joey (In the latter, he kills Reggie). Reggie dies on the rooftop in either scenario.