Rusty Irish
Portrayed by Christopher J Quinn, Rusty is a small-time Irish-American Newark, New Jersey drug dealer who is blamed for the death of a teenage boy by Junior Soprano. The boy, who was the grandson of Corrado Soprano's tailor, committed suicide during a drug induced psychosis after buying drugs from Rusty. Mikey Palmice, along with Joseph Marino, threw Rusty off a bridge in 1999, on behalf of Junior. While the other capos joke that Rusty's landing in the river was "the first bath that junkie took in years", Larry Boy Barese was angered that Mikey killed Rusty, without approaching him for consultation first, for whatever his faults, he was a member of the Barese crew, and Larry's best earner. The capos agree that the killing was unsanctioned, and even though Rusty was not a made man, his status as a crew member still required that Larry be informed of the killing prior, all capos thought of this as a sign that Junior was abusing his new position as boss of the DiMeo crime family.


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