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Salvatore "Mustang Sally" Intile

Salvatore Intile, nicknamed "Mustang Sally" for the 1989 Ford Mustang convertible he drives. He's the godson of Robert Baccalieri, Sr. He dated Tina Francesco, who was an exotic dancer at the Bing and a friend of Adriana La Cerva. Although he is a godson, Salvatore calls him "Uncle Bobby." He is verbally and physically abusive and very possessive with his girlfriends and suffers from anger management problems. Ralph Cifaretto says that Salvatore threw a hot dog vendor off the second floor mezzanine at Giants Stadium for serving too many onions on his hot dog. He is callous and has a morbid sense of humor, joking about the attack on Bryan Spatafore with Baccalieri, Sr. Tina and Mustang Sally argued in the street and when Tina urged Bryan Spatafore, of Spatafore Bros construction, who was standing by his truck waiting for a companion, to take her home, Mustang Sally hits Bryan in the forehead with a golf club and beat him to the point where he was in a coma. Bryan Spatafore's brother, Vito Spatafore, was a made man in the Aprile crew at the time. Sally, along with his friend Carlos are killed by his godfather, Bobby Bacala, Sr. as retribution for the beating. Although it's not appreciated by his godfather, he associates with Hispanics or as Bobby Bacala Sr. calls them, "greaseballs."

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