Salvatore Grigio
Full Name Salvatore Grigio
Aliases Sammy
Political Information
Affiliation DiMeo crime family
Rank Associate
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance "Pax Soprana"
Final Appearance "Full Leather Jacket"
Portrayed By Salvatore Piro
Episode Count 2

Salvatore Grigio, also known as Sammy, portrayed by Salvatore Piro, is a member of the Altieri Crew in the DiMeo crime family.

Sammy ran illegal card games for the Altieri Crew, during one game he was violently beaten up by Mikey Palmice despite being under Jimmy Altieri's protection. This occurred shortly after Junior Soprano became boss and the capos felt that Junior was abusing his new position.

Tony Soprano initially defends Junior's action since Sammy wasn't paying protection money to anyone. Jimmy points out that Sammy was under him and therefore Mikey went too far by beating him up. This incident only heightened the perception that Junior was a greedy boss.

He is later seen in the social club used by Richie Aprile, when he became capo after being released from prison.

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