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The second season of The Sopranos aired on HBO from January 16 to April 9, 2000. The second season was released on DVD in region 1 on November 6, 2001.


The story of the season focuses on Tony's growing mistrust of one of his closest friends Big Pussy Bonpensiero, who is revealed to be an FBI informant. Dr. Melfi continues meeting with Tony despite her growing disgust of his actions and contemplates the nature of their relationship. Tony's sister Janice also returns to New Jersey, and their collectively strained relationship with their mother Livia and each other continues. Meadow is accepted into college, but her personal life intersects with Tony's crime life for the first time. Former boss Jackie Aprile's brother Richie is released from prison and causes trouble for Tony and his business.

Note: this season takes place from August 1999 to June 10 2000



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Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers


14 1 "Guy Walks into a Psychiatrist's Office..." Allen Coulter Jason Cahill January 16, 2000 7.64[2]
Several months in the aftermath of the season 1 finale, Tony has assumed de facto control of the DiMeo crime family. As suddenly as he vanished, Pussy returns. Junior is in prison and Livia is recovering from her stroke. Dr. Melfi has gone on the lam at Tony's request. Tony's sister Janice arrives to stay at Tony's house.
15 2 "Do Not Resuscitate" Martin Bruestle Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess and Frank Renzulli January 23, 2000 5.33[3]
Tony tries to settle a construction protest involving the former assets of Uncle Junior. Junior's lawyer manages to get him released from prison, though on house arrest. Pussy's true loyalties are revealed. Janice and Tony discuss the possibility of a DNR order for Livia.
16 3 "Toodle Fucking-Oo" Lee Tamahori Frank Renzulli January 30, 2000 5.60[4]
After a 10-year stint in prison, Richie Aprile, brother to the late Jackie Aprile, Sr., is released from jail and re-enters the family business. His lack of understanding of how things work since he went to prison causes friction between him and Tony. Meadow trashes her grandmother's house, and her subsequent punishment ignites a major argument between Carmela and Janice.
17 4 "Commendatori" Tim Van Patten David Chase February 6, 2000 7.16[5]
Tony, Paulie, and Christopher take a business trip to Italy. Her husband gone, Carmela ponders the nature of their marriage. In Italy, Tony strikes a deal with his female counterpart. Angie Bonpensiero confides in Carmela that she wants a divorce from Pussy.
18 5 "Big Girls Don't Cry" Tim Van Patten Terence Winter February 13, 2000 5.34[6]
As part of Tony's deal, Neapolitan enforcer Furio Giunta arrives in the U.S. as the newest addition to Tony's crew. Christopher enrolls in an "Acting for Screen Writers" class. Pussy shows open hostility to the new arrival. Dr. Melfi decides to resume therapy sessions with Tony.
19 6 "The Happy Wanderer" John Patterson Frank Renzulli February 20, 2000 5.83[7]
Tony discusses with Dr. Melfi people who make him "miserable". Sean Gismonte and Matthew Bevilaqua begin to work the "Executive Game" poker sessions (with Frank Sinatra Jr. in attendance). An old high school classmate of Tony's wants in on the "Executive Game". Janice makes an attempt to manipulate Richie.
20 7 "D-Girl" Allen Coulter Todd A. Kessler February 27, 2000 6.66[8]
A.J. presents an affront to his parents' authority and refuses to be confirmed as a Catholic. Christopher develops romantic and professional involvements when resurrecting his interest in moviemaking. Pussy is pressured to wear a wire. Tony forces confirmation upon A.J. and, having learned that Christopher has written a screenplay, presents him with an ultimatum.
21 8 "Full Leather Jacket" Allen Coulter Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess March 5, 2000 6.29[9]
Anxious about Meadow's upcoming college applications, Carmela looks to secure a favor from Jeannie Cusamano's sister, a Georgetown alumnus. Richie tries to gain Tony's respect. Matthew and Sean formulate an ill-fated plan to win respect. Christopher's life is seriously threatened.
22 9 "From Where to Eternity" Henry J. Bronchtein Michael Imperioli March 12, 2000 7.18[10]
Christopher claims to witness a foreboding glimpse of the afterlife. Paulie grows worried that he is being haunted by those who he has killed. Tony seeks revenge, and brings Pussy along for the ride. Dr. Melfi finds trouble in coping with her disgust for Tony's "business."
23 10 "Bust Out" John Patterson Frank Renzulli and Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess March 19, 2000 7.62[11]
Tony begins to panic when he learns of an eyewitness of a major crime. Pussy feeds the FBI false information. Richie, spurred by a manipulative Janice, tries to get Uncle Junior's support in finding a way to usurp Tony. Carmela shares an awkward moment with Scatino's brother in law.
24 11 "House Arrest" Tim Van Patten Terence Winter March 26, 2000 N/A
At the request of his lawyer, Tony spends time in his legitimate waste management career. Richie and Junior take risks to sustain a profitable cocaine network. Tony's health declines, as does the health of Dr. Melfi. Junior reunites with an old girlfriend while under house arrest.
25 12 "The Knight in White Satin Armor" Allen Coulter Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess April 2, 2000 5.44[12]
Richie continues his insubordination to Tony, though he is engaged to Janice. When Tony tries to break off his relationship with his "goomah" Irina, she attempts to commit suicide. A minor domestic dispute turns violent, though it provides Tony with a resolution to his problems with Richie and Janice.
26 13 "Funhouse" John Patterson David Chase and Todd A. Kessler April 9, 2000 8.97[2]
Tony gets food poisoning the day before Meadow's graduation; while trying to recover, his dreams lead him to resurrect old suspicions about an old friend. The FBI executes a search warrant, and arrests Tony.
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