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The third season of the HBO drama series The Sopranos began airing on March 4, 2001 and concluded on May 20, 2001, consisting of thirteen episodes. The third season was released on DVD in region 1 on August 27, 2002.


The story of season three focuses on the relationship between Tony and his children — Meadow, as she begins her first year at Columbia University, and Anthony Jr., who is having behavioral troubles in high school. Tony's relationship with his aging mother, Livia, is brought to a head. Dr. Melfi experiences a horrifying personal trauma, but begins to make real progress in discovering the root causes of Tony's panic attacks. Also featured heavily are Christopher's rise in the mob when he becomes a made man, and Tony's extramarital affair with another one of Dr. Melfi's patients, Gloria.

Note: this season takes place from September 2000 to January 28 2001






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Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers


27 1 "Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood" Allen Coulter David Chase March 4, 2001 11.26[2]
Meadow enters college at Columbia University, A.J. continues to ignore authority, and Carmela starts taking tennis lessons. The FBI puts the Soprano residence under surveillance, but their plans are complicated when the house's plumbing ruptures. Patsy Parisi has revenge in mind over the death of his brother.
28 2 "Proshai, Livushka" Tim Van Patten David Chase March 4, 2001 11.35[2]
Tony has an anxiety attack when he finds out that Meadow's new boyfriend, Noah Tannenbaum, is a Jewish African-American. The FBI wants Livia to testify against her son, but she dies before she can. Janice returns from Seattle to plan the funeral, and claim her inheritance.
29 3 "Fortunate Son" Henry J. Bronchtein Todd A. Kessler March 11, 2001 8.37[3]
Tony makes a major breakthrough with Dr. Melfi in attempting to ascertain the trigger of his anxiety attacks. Christopher becomes a made man, though he bungles his first assignment. A.J. excels on his freshman football team, but unexpectedly passes out at practice after becoming defensive captain.
30 4 "Employee of the Month" John Patterson Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess March 18, 2001 7.96[4]
Against Tony's orders, Ralph Cifaretto starts to introduce Jackie Aprile, Jr. to members of the family business. After being brutally attacked, Dr. Melfi contemplates asking Tony for a favor.
31 5 "Another Toothpick" Jack Bender Terence Winter March 25, 2001 7.40[5]
Tony and Carmela's session with Dr. Melfi goes sour. Bobby Bacala, Sr. comes out of retirement to exact revenge on "Mustang Sally". Uncle Junior shares his cancer diagnosis with Tony. Meadow's relationship with her father has yet to improve, though she unknowingly does him a grand favor.
32 6 "University" Allen Coulter Story by : David Chase & Terence Winter & Todd A. Kessler and Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess

Teleplay by : Terence Winter and Salvatore J. Stabile

April 1, 2001 8.44[6]
A Bada Bing dancer involved with Ralph unexpectedly reaches out to Tony. Meadow's social life at college takes a sudden turn for the worse. Ralph's relationship with the Bada Bing dancer develops into a bad situation, and Tony interjects in a nonverbal manner.
33 7 "Second Opinion" Tim Van Patten Lawrence Konner April 8, 2001 9.21[7]
Uncle Junior survives surgery to remove his stomach cancer. The ongoing borrowing of money from Tony by Pussy's wife (widow, though unbeknownst to her) begins to run Tony's patience thin. Carmela considers making a large donation to Columbia University. Carmela receives some startling advice from a recommended colleague of Dr. Melfi. Tony becomes concerned with the quality of Junior's cancer treatment.
34 8 "He is Risen" Allen Coulter Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess and Todd A. Kessler April 15, 2001 8.60[8]
Though Ralph feels that he is owed an apology, Tony instead bans him from Bada Bing. Meadow begins a serious relationship with Jackie Jr. Tony considers buying a new car. After another major disrespect, Tony disinvites Ralph, and Rosalie Aprile, to their Thanksgiving dinner.
35 9 "The Telltale Moozadell" Dan Attias Michael Imperioli April 22, 2001 8.64[9]
Though Tony and Rosalie are delighted, Carmela harbors reservations over the developing relationship between Meadow and Jackie Jr. Tony's latest extramarital relationship heats up. On Carmela's birthday, A.J. and friends vandalize school property, after which he is placed on probation. Christopher assumes ownership of a nightclub and makes a gift of the establishment to Adriana.
36 10 "...To Save Us All from Satan's Power" Jack Bender Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess April 29, 2001 8.44[10]
As Christmas looms near, Janice offers to cook the dinner. Tony comes across an old Santa Claus costume, prompting him to reminisce about Christmas 1995. Bobby Bacala is enlisted to play Santa Claus at Satriale's annual party. Jackie Jr. starts to walk down the wrong path, and Tony tries to set him straight.
37 11 "Pine Barrens" Steve Buscemi Story by : Tim Van Patten & Terence Winter

Teleplay by : Terence Winter

May 6, 2001 8.79[11]
A standard collection goes horribly awry for Paulie and Christopher as they end up lost in the snowy Pine Barrens of South New Jersey. Tony's relationship with Gloria starts to go south, as does that of Meadow and Jackie Jr.
38 12 "Amour Fou" Tim Van Patten Story by : David Chase

Teleplay by : Frank Renzulli

May 13, 2001 5.81[12][a]
Tony asks for advice on his relationship with Gloria from Dr. Melfi. Carmela and Gloria cross paths. With Meadow a thing of the past, Jackie Jr. and friends decide to take an ill-fated shot at earning some respect.
39 13 "Army of One" John Patterson David Chase & Lawrence Konner May 20, 2001 9.46[13]
Tony gives Ralph the responsibility of deciding the fate of Jackie Jr. A.J. is expelled, and his parents disagree over whether or not to send him to military school. Before he can be sent anywhere, it is discovered that A.J. inherited a distinctive trait from his father. Adriana makes a new friend with a hidden agenda
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