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The Soprano house is the place where the Soprano family (Tony, Carmela, A.J., and Meadow) lives. It is located in North Caldwell, Jersey.[1] Neighbors are the Cusamanos and Mr. Ruggerio.


The driveway and the connected garage. The backyard with a pool.


Rooms include:

  • The first floor: the Family Room (living room), the kitchen, the area between the Family Room and the kitchen, the dining room, and a bathroom.
  • The second floor: Carmela and Tony's bedroom, A.J.'s room, Meadow's room, and some bathrooms.

Some weapons are hidden in one hollowed-out Roman column, including an AK-47 (Norico type 84), a Colt 1911 Mkiv 80 pistol and a grenade.

The Family Room[]

The living room. The biggest room, it joins the kitchen without any walls or doors.

The Christmas tree is placed here.

Some of the books in the shelves are:[2]

Area between the Family Room and the kitchen[]

Sofa and the TV in the wall. Tony watches his old films and war documentaries on it. A.J. plays Nintendo 64 and later Dreamcast and Xbox 360 on it.

The kitchen[]

Undergoes renovation and changes its appearance sometime between 2004-2006.[3]

A.J.'s room[]

Posters of metal music bands (including Type O Negative, Soulfly, a drummer) and a poster of motorcross sport are on the wall. Also, a snowboard is hanged high up.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Exterior scenes were filmed at a real North Caldwell house. Interiors were filmed at Silvercup Studios, New York.

Set decorator Janet Shaw picked the books for the shelves of the living room during the filming of Season 1. They stayed there throughout the filming of the whole series pretty much intact, as she says she thinks the Sopranos would not really read much.[2]


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