Deborah Ciccerone was called in by her boss in the F.B.I. to get in with Adriana La Cerva and her fiance Christopher Moltisanti. To put Tony Soprano behind bars. So at the local mall Adriana was shopping and Deborah complimented her. And the two became good friends, eventually Christopher met her and wasn't fond of her than at the club owned by Christopher and Adriana, Club Crazy Horse. While Christopher was doing coke and drinking in the private room with Adriana and Deborah "Danielle", Christopher tried to seduce Deborah Ciccerone while kissing Adriana. Adriana noticed and got angry at Christopher originally and then convinced Adriana that "Danielle" was coming on to him. Deborah tried to contact Adriana after but Adriana said don't call me Deborah spoke with her boss and he decided they should just bring in Adriana. While Adriana was walking her dog Special Agent Deborah Ciccerone and Agent Harris took her in to their headquarters. There Adriana was told to save her life and Christopher's by wearing a wire for the case against Tony. So in response Adriana threw up on the table from the news.

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