Stanley Johnson is an Associate of the DiMeo crime family and partner in crime of heroin dealer Credenzo Curtis.


Stanley Johnson

Johnson and Curtis are ordered to kill Carmine Lupertazzi under orders of Tony Soprano but Tony cancels the assassination and realizes that Curtis and Johnson know too much so Tony orders Christopher Moltisanti, one of the people Curtis supplies heroin to lure Curtis and Johnson into a meeting to give Curtis and Johnson more money to keeping Carmine's canceled assassination a secret afterwards Johnson and Curtis got in their car Curtis and Johnson talk about something until Benny Fazio and Peter "Bissell" LaRosa start shooting at them, Stanley barges out of the car door and tries to shoot the shooter on his car side which was Benny, his fails to hit Benny and falls, Benny shoots Johnson in the neck 3 times, killing Johnson. After killing Johnson Benny takes the bag of money Stanley got from Cristopher.