i think he was suppose to growup in Springfield/Belmont or West Side neighborhood in Newark i remember in the episode with the flash backs to his childhood his mom telling him to stay off Springfield ave because of the Newark riots both of those neighborhoods have Springfield ave running through them i only know this because i am from Essex County

“Tony even told his true feelings about Christopher's death to Dr Melfi.”

Tony did NOT reveal to Dr. Melfi that he killed Christopher, or anyone for that matter ! O_O The scene where he says those things is a dream, later on in the episode he has an actual session with Dr. Melfi where he shares the same feelings but in a much more subdued way, and without revealing anything specific. Just like he never had sex with her, even though it happened in dream sequences... Could someone correct that information ?

Generally speaking, this article is confusing (with the chronology all messed up) and poorly written (even though I'm french it's painfully obvious).

Abolibibelot (talk) 20:31, March 26, 2018 (UTC)