Terry Doria portrayed by Ron Castellano is a soldier in the Altieri Crew


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Terry Doria

Terry is a soldier in the Altieri Crew. His last name is supposedly derived from Andrea Doria, the Genoese condottiere and admiral who also had the famous vessel SS Andrea Doria named after him. Terry is a member of the ILA (International Longshoremen's Association) and a dock foreman who is responsible for monitoring incoming shipments through New Jersey ports, and worked with Benny Fazio to track down Vespa scooters that Johnny Sack kept hidden from Tony. He was part of the group that went to looking for Vito Spatafore at his goomah's beach house following the revelation that he was homosexual. When Spatafore returned to town, he ran into Doria at a Stop and Shop in Hackensack, New Jersey, who then asked to borrow money for child support payments. After Spatafore's death Doria was pleased to have timed his borrowing so well, knowing that since Vito Spatafore is dead he will not have to pay back any off the money he borrowed.


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