Scene 04:10, September 12, 2013 (UTC) at Vic's Poultry Shop

Enter: Tony Soprano, visibly upset by smell in poultry store.

Caputo enters from back, hands open at waist giving a generous wide gesture.

Tony: What came first, the chicken or the egg? Wanna weigh in?

Caputo: Same stupid joke eh? 

(they hug as old childhood friends do)

Tony: So how's business, menza menz?

Caputo: Bettern' evah. Ya know, the Spainsh love their chicken.

Tony: I'll have ta raise ya rent . . .

Caputo: (put off, nervous, shouts to butcher) Trime la gallina! Para la senora Soprano!

Tony takes it at no charge and exits. Vic broods by door.

Scene 2

Interior:OS Vic's Poultry Shop. Vic is handing a package to Parisi and partner.

Scene 2: Parisi and Partner enter through front door, it is afternoon

Caputo:   DiYah hear? Goddamn juice place movin in here!

Patsy:     Jews? What Jews?

Caputo: (annoyed (Handing Patsy the week's take in a folded newspaper) Juice . . . juice, Jamba Juice! Ya boss went and sold the buiding!

Patsy: Gimmy my fuckin eggs!. I got a kid in college.. . .

Patsy grabs a dozen eggs from Vic's hands with no regard for breaking them.

Caputo is visibly ready to kill, though he wouldn't. 

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