Vic is a certified home contractor whom Carmela Soprano hired to wallpaper the dining room in her home. He is also the brother-in-law of David Scatino, the brother of Dave's wife Christine.

He is a widower, his wife was a gourmet cook and died of breast cancer. They did not have children because Christine had problems with her womb.

Carmela and Vic once kissed in the powder room Carmela is considering renovating and later made plans for a gourmet lunch date to be prepared by Carmela for Vic's next visit.

However, after Vic discovers that Tony has taken over David's sporting goods store as a result of David's gambling addiction (which has subsequently left David bankrupt), Vic cancels his lunch date with Carmela by sending his assistant, Ramon, in his place to complete the redecoration while he finishes a job in Wyckoff, New Jersey.

Vic is also seen meeting David Scatino at a bar. At first Vic tries to be supportive of David's problems, but after David badmouths his wife/Vic's sister Christine, Vic loses patience, ordering David to move away and to stay away from Vic's sister at all times; Vic also pledges to pay for Eric Scatino's college education, as David has also gambled away his son's college fund.

Carmela and Vic later have an awkward meeting in a paint shop, but part on good terms as Carmela thanks Vic for assigning Ramon to finish her house, as she would have been too tempted to commit adultery, and Vic was being strong for the both of them. However, after Carmela leaves, he lets out a big sigh of relief and says to Ramone "Do you know who she's married to?"

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