Season 4, Episode 13 #52
Air date December 8, 2002
Written by Robin Green, Mitchell Burgess and David Chase
Directed by John Patterson
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"Two Tonys"

"Whitecaps" is the 52nd episode of the HBO television series The Sopranos, and the 13th and final episode of the show's fourth season. Written by the series creator/executive producer David Chase, and executive producers Robin Green, and Mitchell Burgess, it was directed by longtime series director John Patterson and originally aired in the United States on December 8, 2002. The episode attracted 12.5 million viewers and is regarded by multiple critics as one of the series' best.

Starring[edit | edit source]

  • James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano
  • Lorraine Bracco as Dr. Jennifer Melfi
  • Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano
  • Michael Imperioli as Christopher Moltisanti
  • Dominic Chianese as Corrado Soprano, Jr.
  • Steven Van Zandt as Silvio Dante
  • Tony Sirico as Paulie Gualtieri
  • Robert Iler as Anthony Soprano, Jr.
  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Meadow Soprano
  • Drea de Matteo as Adriana La Cerva
  • Aida Turturro as Janice Soprano
  • John Ventimiglia as Artie Bucco
  • Vincent Curatola as Johnny Sack
  • Steven R. Schirripa as Bobby Baccalieri

Guest starring[edit | edit source]

  • Tom Aldredge as Hugh De Angelis
  • Bruce Altman as Alan Sapinsly
  • Liz Larsen as Patricia "Trish" Reingold-Sapinsly
  • Randy Barbee as The Judge
  • Denise Borino as Ginny Sack
  • Carl Capotorto as Little Paulie Germani
  • Max Casella as Benny Fazio
  • Dan Castleman as Prosecutor Castleman
  • Dan Grimaldi as Patsy Parisi
  • Alla Kliouka as Svetlana Kirilenko
  • Will Janowitz as Finn DeTrolio
  • Tony Lip as Carmine Lupertazzi
  • Tony Darrow as Larry Barese
  • Bruce MacVittie as Danny Scalercio
  • Jeffrey M. Marchetti as Petey
  • Richard Portnow as Harold Melvoin
  • Joe Pucillo as Beppy Scerbo
  • Oksana Lada as Irina Peltsin
  • Curtiss Cook as Credenso Curtis
  • Universal as Stanley Johnson
  • Cynthia Darlow as Virginia Lupo
  • Robert LuPone as Dr. Cusamano
  • Karen Young as Agent Robyn Sanseverino
  • Frank Pando as Agent Grasso
  • Matt Servitto as Agent Harris

episode cast[edit | edit source]

In an effort toward reconciliation, Tony brings Carmella to a property (named "Whitecaps" by a kitchy sign mounted by the front door) in Seaside Heights, NJ that he has heard is on the market with a nervous seller and buyers who may not qualify for a mortgage. At first Carmella is against Tony trying to muscle into the deal, but eventually agrees, justifying it to herself and Tony as "just a bigger emerald ring", compensation for having to endure Tony's infidelities. The family is ecstatic and all seems headed to a happy ending until Tony's emotionally unstable ex mistress calls the house and talks to both AJ and Carmella, sending Carmella into a fit of rage that ends with her throwing Tony out of the house and demanding a divorce.

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